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Course Overview

Medical Sciences degree prioritises the science that underpins medicine and clinical practice, preparing you to translate scientific discoveries and technological advances into improved healthcare. To achieve this, the programme gives to students a wide-ranging insight into how the human body normally works.


Build upon this foundation to see how things can go wrong in the body due to disease and trauma and how normal function might be restored. The course is keen that students develop a holistic understanding of human health. Students will then specialise in the area that interests you most, tailoring your degree to match your specific career ambitions.

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The doctor works with a virtual interface. The use of digital technology in medicine

Medical Sciences Degrees Jobs directly related to your degree include:

  • Academic Researcher.
  • Biomedical Scientist.
  • Clinical Research Associate.
  • Clinical Scientist, Biochemistry.
  • Clinical Scientist, Genomics.
  • Clinical Scientist, Haematology.
  • Clinical Scientist, Immunology.
  • Research Scientist (Medical)

Medical Science programme is not a qualification in medical practice, the skills and knowledge gained provide an excellent platform for applications to graduate medical programmes. Graduates can also enter careers in veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and physiotherapy. However, to enter these professions you will need to pursue further study and training.

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