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When you need the right talent, whether for short notice temporary support or long term strategic value, we have the expertise to help. Our network of 100 offices across the UK, and unique 360° approach to recruitment, means that the people you want are already talking to us.

To register your available positions, please click below, explore our full range of employer services, or take a look at our hiring advice.

Employer servicess

See all of our Employer Services, each designed to provide you with a different element of recruitment support, and your hiring and workforce management strategies.

Hiring advice

Expand your team and retain your talent with our hiring advice. Our guides will help with candidate attraction, interview techniques, onboarding, even giving pay reviews.

Experts in diversity

Find out more about the business advantages of maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce; see our latest reports, webinars and insights from our diversity experts.

Applying for a job

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M A Malek

Make sure you have the experts in your corner when you're considering a job change. Our resources cover everything from the initial search right up to salary negotiation.

Murshed Noor

Hays’ recruiters will understand the special terminology of your industry, how your particular job works and where your skills are most suited for your next career move. We will also be able to advice you on your salary level against the market value.

I Mahmud

We aim for a "win win" situation between candidate and company. Our consultants prepare candidates for interviews on a regular basis and we provide an impressive shortlist of candidates who meet the criteria the vacancy requires.

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