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Find out what each type of postgraduate qualification involves, what the entry requirements are, how much it might cost, and where to find out more, Our Education Adviser will help you to select your choice.

International Postgraduate course

UCAS Postgraduate Entry Requirement

When choosing a postgraduate course, it’s important to check the entry requirements thoroughly. If you are applying for either a taught or research-based course, universities will be looking for:

  • strong evidence of your interest in your chosen field.
  • sustained commitment to research at undergraduate level.
  • the ability to work independently and in a team.
  • realistic expectations of what can be achieved in your studies.
  • evidence from other training, experience, and study that you have the requisite academic skills to cope with the course (this is particularly important for mature applicants or those who do not meet the normal entry requirements)
  • indication that you have the requisite motivation to take on a new discipline in a short space of time if completing a conversion course

Some entry requirements are applicable for all postgraduate qualifications. This helps both you and your chosen university check you’re ready for the level of study a postgraduate qualification requires.

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