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Summer School

Summer School

Ornate i   is offering summer school for children under 18. Summer school is a great occasion to discover what to learn in the UK.

Summer School program start mid-year and the enrolment starts from January to April in every year.

Children will improve their English language, Art, culture education and they will have fun with various sports in the UK.

Children with rucksacks near school building walking holding hands during summer day time

UK Summer School

During the summer, London’s universities open their doors to high-school students, university students, graduates and professionals from all around the world. With a choice of more than 30 different schools and hundreds of course options, you can find the perfect university to enjoy your summer in London. Combine a trip of a lifetime with gaining experience of studying at a world-class institution in London.

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Our Universities Summer programmes cover a wide range of disciplines in fine art, from painting, drawing, Playing with reputed football team in the UK

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