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There are over 50,000 undergraduate courses at more than 395 providers in the UK.

Undergraduate applications UK universities are managed by UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and, as an official UCAS, Ornate i education adviser can guide you through the entire university application process.

International undergraduate course

An undergraduate degree is a colloquial term for an academic degree earned by a person who has completed undergraduate courses. it is usually offered at an institution of higher education, such as a college or university.

The most common type of these undergraduate degrees are associate’s degree and Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree typically takes at least three or four years to complete. In some other educational systems, undergraduate education is post-secondary education up to the level of a master’s degree; this is the case for some science courses in Britain and some long-cycle medicine courses in Europe. These degrees can be categorised as basic or first professional degrees.

In the United Kingdom, a bachelor’s degree is the most common type of “undergraduate degree”. Some master’s degrees can be undertaken immediately after finishing secondary education however, these courses are usually extended versions of bachelor’s degree programs, taking an additional year to complete. Most bachelor’s degrees take three years to complete, with some notable exceptions, such as Medicine taking five years. Often students can initially enroll in a 4-year program then leave after three years and be awarded a bachelor’s degree

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