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Ornate i Education Group is a unique education consultancy firm based in the UK.  We have a group of dedicated staff who are British Council Trained and are committed to co-operating for giving excellent guidance and counselling to students who wish to study in the UK & abroad. Our aim is to enlighten students on their education and career.

We understand the complex process of first applying for admissions, getting international visas, arranging your student accommodation, and settling in a new environment. Ornate i, as being outstanding amongst other study visa experts in UK, we are committed to helping students by making the admission process smooth, more efficient and accessible. We are a forerunner in student recruitment and educational consultancy, assisting students to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate courses with extra professional care, liaising directly with our partner universities on the students’ behalf.

Ornate i has its head office in London, United Kingdom and branch offices in Nigeria, Gambia, Ivory coast, India, Nepal and a few other countries. We consistently place students from these regions into UK universities and colleges.

Our Vision

To become the main educational advisers in UK for students trying for Bachelors, Masters, PhD and Post Doctorate programs in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission

To give exact, fair, moral and up-to-date information to students searching for Higher education abroad. Also, to guarantee that our administration obliges each student independent of their geographical area.


To continue to provide professional support for UK universities admission. Our educational adviser team of thorough professionals pay careful attention to every student as we believe each student is unique according to their own background, strengths, requirements and ambitions.

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