Academic and Vocational Qualifications

Ornate i Course7

Foundation Programme

Level 3 tech levels to specialise in a specific technical job, applied general qualifications to..

Ornate i (49)

Higher National Certificate ​

The attainment level of the qualification is roughly equivalent to one year of university and a Cert…


Higher National Diploma

The attainment level of the qualification is roughly equivalent to one year of university and a Cert…


Ornate i Course6

BA (Hon's) Degree Course

BA Bachelor of Arts is a bachelor’s degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program. Bach…


MA, MSC MBA (QCF Level 7)​

A Master degree is the most commonly taken postgraduate qualification. The qualification is at..


PhD or Doctored Program

A PhD is a pure research degree. But that doesn’t mean you’ll just spend three years locked away in ..

Practical Areas

IT Engineering

Engineering and technology encompasses a huge range of disciplines, reflected in the number of different specialist courses available at UK universities. Top five graduate destinations: Manufacturing. Professional, scientific, and technical. Construction. Wholesale and retail trade. I


Medical Sciences degree prioritises the science that underpins medicine and clinical practice, preparing you to translate scientific discoveries and technological advances into improved healthcare. To achieve this, the programme gives to students a wide-ranging insight into how the human body normally works.

Health Care

Provides the correct balance of policy, practice and academic training. Strongly linked to the UK government’s agendas for health and social care, the course will develop your understanding of the principles of care, care planning and delivery, the ethical aspects of care.


That helps prepare students to work in the computer industry. It helps students to develop computer skills that are in demand in the jobs market. Computing Course enables student to become capable of complete system management, software development, the installation of IT networks, and much more.

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