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Health and Social Care Management

Course Overview

Health and social care is a vast service sector providing support to vulnerable people such as children, older people and adults with disabilities or mental health issues.

A huge range of rewarding employment opportunities is open to those with the right knowledge, skills and values, and the University degree in Health and Social Care will prepare you for a successful career in this field.

This course provides the correct balance of policy, practice and academic training. Strongly linked to the UK government’s agendas for health and social care, the course will develop your understanding of the principles of care, care planning and delivery, the ethical aspects of care, areas such health promotion and a wealth of other relevant issues.

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Some examples of these roles include:

  • Prepare for a career where you can plan and deliver health and social care services which are fit for the future
  • Management and administration positions within health and social care organisations
  • Public health and community development-related roles, such as health promotion, public information and health training
  • Policy-oriented work (including lobbying and advocacy) in the NHS, local government or voluntary sector

Working in health and social care can be incredibly rewarding, but it is also challenging. Services and roles are changing and there are increased demands on staff to deliver high quality, safe and compassionate care and to develop new skills and keep up-to-date.

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